Pediatric Therapy

Pediatric Therapy

Physical, occupational, speech and developmental pediatric therapy are essential services that help children with disabilities and developmental delays to achieve their full potential.

Our therapists work one-on-one or in a small group with your child on specific skills to improve gross motor, fine motor, oral motor, language, sensory processing, activities of daily living, and/or executive functioning, enhancing performance and boosting confidence.

What Our Speech Therapists Do

Speech-language pathologists (SLP), or speech therapists, assess and treat speech, language, fluency, and social communication concerns.

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Pediatric Therapy
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The Speech Language Pathologist is great! She is very careful and listens well and has helpful suggestions. Easy to work with.


The Speech-language pathologist is a wonderfully attentive, patient and creative therapist who has greatly benefited my son in his development. Our family has worked with many therapists before and none compare to …, because of her innovative activities, her caring personality and her great coaching. My family is eternally appreciative for SLP’s talent and tenacity!


The Physical therapist is so patient and understanding with anything that comes up…PT also provides tips and other resources all the time.


The Physical Therapist is an extremely helpful and pleasant therapist. She is excited for our son’s development and is a great cheerleader. She does her best to conduct physical therapy sessions remotely and is always trying new techniques, videos, and other tools to make it fun and enjoyable … She is timely and consistent. Both my wife and I enjoy working with provider.


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  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
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Dedication & Excellence

Milestone Therapeutic Services specializes in Pediatric Developmental Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy. Our certified, licensed, and experienced professionals are here to provide the best care.

Developmental Therapy

Our Developmental Therapists (DT) specialize in helping children with developmental delays, disabilities, and challenges to improve their cognitive, social, motor, and functional skills. This includes eating, grooming, dressing, attending, communicating, playing, and learning.

Physical Therapy

Our pediatric physical therapists help children improve their strength, range of motion, flexibility, and movement patterns. The goal is to help children move their bodies, how and when they want, to the best of their abilities.

Occupational Therapy

Our therapists help children play, improve their school performance, and aid in their daily activities. We also boost their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment by using everyday activities, exercises, and other therapies.

pediatric therapy - physical therapy

Speech Therapy

Our Speech therapists assess and treat speech and language impairments, including oral motor and feeding issues, expressive and receptive communication, fluency, and articulation.


Using a HIPAA-compliant platform, Milestone offers telehealth options to provide alternatives to traditional in-person services. A doctor’s referral and insurance authorization are required to initiate telehealth intervention.

Free Phone Consultation

Concerned about an emerging fine motor, gross motor, or language skill? Milestone offers a free 15-minute phone consultation to answer your questions.